Stable Home: El Mirador House by CC Arquitectos

Snapshot: Mexican design firm CC Arquitectos combines sleek architecture with raw materials to create the getaway that is El Mirador House.

The overall design of El Mirador House, located in Mexico, thoughtfully combines multiple elements of nature to provide a place of warmth and a remembrance for a simpler time. Every detail of the architecture, the interior design, and the landscaping is informed by the natural world that envelops the property. El Mirador House, which translates in English to The Lookout House, is a collaborative effort of design headed by Mexican architecture firm CC Arquitectos and head architects Manuel Cervantes Céspedes and José Luis Heredia Álvarez.

When designing this fresh twist on the classic cabin in the woods, Céspedes and Álvarez chose to use materials from the region including white oak, steel, and walls made of local stone. They even recycled railroad ties from old train tracks for the exterior cladding. The earthy tones and materials provide warmth and coziness to the cool, open space.

Among the most inspired designs on the premises is the large reflecting pool located by the main entrance. By day, it appears to be exactly what it is, an extension of a watering trough for the horses. By night though, it acts as a mirror for the galaxy of stars overhead, illuminating the randomness of nature and the sleekness of the structure.

This marriage of nature and modern living can be found everywhere in the house. In fact, half of El Mirador is actually buried in order to protect its inhabitants from the valley’s cold climates. Even the cars are hidden within the structure once parked.

El Mirador House is a complex work of architecture with many transcendent qualities. A home with a view nestled far away from the bustle of urban living.

Photo Credit: Rafael Gamo photography