School of Rock: K Kindergarten by NKS Architects

Nestled in the industrial area of Fukuoka, Japan, a brand new kid friendly kindergarten by NKS Architects offers tiny tots a safe, playful space to learn and grow in modern style.

K Kindergarten is two stories of airy, light filled rooms which function as both classroom and playground. High ceilings are supported by concrete framing featuring a series of rounded cutouts as well as unexpected doorways and benches.  The whimsical design not only facilitates play, but banishes the boring institutionalism you might expect from a schoolhouse.

Gorgeous wooden floors glow in the sunshine pouring in from huge banks of windows, and rows of cubby-holes await the adorable flotsam of Japanese five year olds in the NKS version of an early education edifice. Known for thoughtful architectural design rooted in a passion for city planning, NKS has created a veritable 'kingdom of kids' where the imagination of Fukuoka's littlest learners is sure to be inspired.

Photography courtesy of NKS Architects