Into The Woods: 131 Acres Featuring 26 Architect Dwellings

Snapshot: Where design meets nature – These gorgeously designed upstate homes will lure city dwellers looking for a calming escape.

Hudson Woods, located in Ulster County, about 25 miles west of Kingston is a home development site. Push claustrophobic and monotonous stereotypes out of your head because Hudson Woods is arranged on 131 acres of forest and only accommodates 26 homes. Drew Lang, from the Manhattan-based firm Lang Architecture, is the founder and architect, and brings to the table unparalleled design skills. His motto, to create authentic, meaningful experiences, is evident in the Hudson Woods design and he proves that through craft, sustainability, and expert design interested buyers are guaranteed a unique home experience and product.

The standard forest dwelling is around 2,800 square-feet, features large windows and soaring 16-foot ceilings, all constructed from sustainable, locally sourced materials. Details such a kitchen tiles and roof color are custom per the buyer’s choice. Perks are also available (per the buyer’s request) such as a pool, wood stove, landscaping options, or a detached guesthouse. Lots range form 3 to 12 acres and the pricing begins upwards of $650,000.  Since the model home was finished in July, there have been four buyers (all Manhattanites), ready to relax and finally be able to see some stars.

The overall design aesthetic is European meets modern meets rustic. The natural brown and green colors juxtapose the bold lines and sharp angles of the architecture. All the while, the house doesn’t look out of place or awkward in the midst of the Catskills. The homes are lodge-esque yet industrial, working with the earth’s rounded edges but keeping an acute eye for detail. The surrounding area offers many outdoor activities including kayaking, skiing, and hiking. There are also local breweries, restaurants, and even theatre houses.

These homes provide calm and community for those seeking a new style of living while still maintaining a high craft quality and standard of design. Move over Hamptons, because Hudson is giving you a run for your money.

Photography by: Lang Architecture