Apartment in Junqueira, Lisbon

Lisbon based Aspa Arquitectos explores the use of void spaces when they re-worked the Junqueira Apartment, and transformed the single level space into a contrasting two level dwelling. The juxtaposing second level expansion comes as a new addition to the existing structure, thought of not as a restoration, but as an extension, putting to good use the “empty” space of the building in relation to its original characteristics. The architects constructed the sleek black unit to fit snug into the 18 foot high ceiling, creating a mezzanine for the residents. Black steps reach down from the mezzanine and meet new steps cut out of a high-gloss white custom unit where they continue to the floor. It was important for Aspa's Co-founders José Maria Cumbre and Nuno Sousa Caetano to maintain the original decorative and constructional characteristics of the building intact, while revitalizing the space with a unique new addition.

(Photography By Fernando Guerra FG+SG Fotografia De Arquitectura)