The Ocean House, Rhode Island

Roger Ferris + Partners is an architecture firm built of a creative team local to New York and New England, giving them acute architectural sense when it comes to building a well suited structure in the area. To prove this point, take a look at their latest residential project called the Ocean House in Rhode Island.

"This waterfront home consists of a series of connected gabled forms, a classic New England design evocative of traditional barns and boat sheds," the architects explained. The A-frame style house is known for being a basic structure, two similarly sized beams, arranged in a 45-degree or less angle, attached at the top. Today, modern architecture can be elaborate and complex - but Ferris brought the Ocean House back to basics by celebrating the traditional architectural style of the area, then twisting the concept by connecting the houses together to create one.

The glazed waterside elevation offers sweeping views of the shoreline, and is protected by a series of washed wood slats which can open or close for privacy and temperature control. A raised wood deck with a sunken swimming pool extends from the house to provide a private outdoor experience for the owners.

Photography : Roger Ferris & Partners