Tepoztlan Lounge, Mexico

It's always a treat to wake up to an inbox full of awesome new projects to review, yesterday was one of those days, and to our delight, we received a message from our friends over at Cadaval & Solà-Morales, who unveiled their stellar new poolside lounge in Tepoztlan, Mexico. We learned a little about some of Mexico's magical little towns when we jetted down to Tulum last spring, sacred spots preserved and protected by the local people. Tepoztlan is one of those spots. The town is known as a place of legends and strong cultural roots. Its pre-Hispanic ruins, a preserved historic center, and a lush natural setting, have made this exciting place a haven for artists and intellectuals fleeing temporarily or permanently in the maelstrom of the Mexican metropolis. Eduardo Cadaval & Clara Solà-Morales, founders of Cadaval & Solà-Morales, built the Tepoztlan Lounge as the first phase of a larger project that includes a series of bungalows of various sizes and designs. The Tepoztlan Lounge will be the main community space, a catalyst for activities in the nature.

The project is a negotiation between interior and exterior, building a habitable pore space, which becomes the central space of the project. The boundaries between the open and the contents disappear to produce a single spatial entity.

The important thing is not architectural object, even its limits, what is really important is the spatial experience, and to build materials are used not only inherent in the discipline of architecture (walls, slabs, columns, etc..) But also softer elements and changing those who are given equal or greater value to build spatial experience such as plants, trees, flowers, vegetation, all generating a diverse palette and seasonal, to build a mixed experience that varies over time and it changes throughout the year.

The design provides for three separate dwellings designed according to the three planned activities each is defined by its use, but also by a clear container of simple forms.

The first contains a bar with kitchen, and a bathroom area and changers; the second is a playground that can be used in turn as a reading area when temperatures drop at night, and finally a larger container that is the living room, a protected, warm and comfortable suitable for conversation.

It is the desire for continuity between these three autonomous spaces where the project is strengthened and makes sense, continuous space is consolidated in full contact with nature but protected from the weather, which expands each of the spaces defined by containers defining a unique space that intersects each of the parts to build a continuum.

It is through the definition of this central space, through the definition of its form, the adjacent courtyards take its true value. These are as essential to the project as the building itself, and allow the construction of a single total experience. In the same way that the enclosures provide continuity to the central area with regard to use and space adjacent open spaces and provide the diversity qualify giving idiosyncrasy open space. The design of the pool is part of this strategy, and responds to the will of one of the spaces characterize lateral necessarily respond to formalize the structure of the Lounge, incorporating in its possibility of multiple uses of water and your enjoyment.

The building is constructed as a base to highlight the views of the mountains. The intervention wants to be extremely respectful of the existing context and understand that the vegetation and wildlife photography are the real protagonists of the project, two impressive trees exist on the site are incorporated into the space as if they were parts of the same program. The Lounge is constructed in white concrete not only for being in the local context of low cost, low maintenance, and high demand for labor, but also and above all because it allows the building to expose its structural simplicity and neutrality against a overwhelming nature.

 Photography: Sandra Pereznieto