Fazenda Boa Vista Clubhouse, Brazil

We have been slowly reporting on the development of Porto Feliz's stunning new Fazenda Boa Vista. The residential and hospitality complex is located on a massive spread of untouched land just 100km outside of São Paulo. Early in the summer KNSTRCT shared the Fasano Hotel, which is in the company of a new spa, kids club, equestrian center, sports center, petting zoo, two 18-hole golf courses, golf clubhouse, swimming pool, most of which are designed by the beloved Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld.

Weinfeld's team has unveiled the complex in pieces as it comes to realization, which leaves us very excited to get an early glimpse of the new Golf Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse features a lounge, bar, restaurant, and office, with several open decks to have a complete view of the green rolling hills. The lower level of the Clubhouse is a 'heavy block', built in concrete and nestled with the downward slope of the terrain.

Up top, the structure is mixed of metal and wood, enclosed by glass planes or masonry walls - the building is laid out as a sequence of interconnected rectangular spaces.

Visitors are greeted at the Golf Clubhouse with a white monolithic façade with one large square opening giving the players' direct access from the course to locker, massage and restrooms.

The interiors of the clubhouse are in suite with the signature Weinfeld look, an aesthetic that marries two common concepts: nature and architecture. Wooden floors plank their way through the open white-walled space as scattered pieces of hand crafted furniture find a home in small conversational areas.

Black and white still photographs with visual golf reference cover the wall of the lounge where golf enthusiast can enjoy the views.

JHSF, the development team responsible for the creation of the Fasano Hotels and Fazenda Boa Vista, is a well respected Brazilian company. Known mainly for creating fine properties with a high standard of service and sustainability.

The group has implemented these sustainable idea into the Fazenda Boa Vista complex by adding a sewage treatment station, Solar heating in houses, Ecological farms for replanting and sapling creation, A water reuse mechanism for irrigation and utilization of rainwater reuse systems, as well as supporting local enterprises to provide services and products such as milk and organic vegetables.

FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura | architectural photography