Insights From An Architect

3Deluxe exploded onto the design scene in 1992 when architects/designer Dieter Brell, Peter Seipp, Andreas Lauhoff, and Stephan Lauhoff joined forces to create a series of dynamic and complex structures. The team skyrocketed to architectural fame in 2007 when they unveiled their Leonardo Glass Cube, a stunning rectangular glass pavilion where white architectural pieces drip down the structure, then spread across the grass to become pathways (See image #2).

Today, 3Deluxe is an interdisciplinary design firm specializing in a trifecta of interiors, architecture, and graphic design, with operating offices out of Hamburg and Shanghai. Dieter Brell, one of the founding partners at 3Deluxe, came up in architecture with some good ol' hard graft - starting as a carpenter where he learned how to build with his own hands. He then went on to complete his studies at Wiesbaden University before he helped start 3Deluxe. Now Brell is responsible for creating "multi-layered atmospheres" for the interior/exterior portion of the rapidly growing firm.

Brell gave us the opportunity to hack his brain and gain a bit of exclusive insight into his world, experiences, and some awesome tips of the trade! What's his favorite material to use on a tight budget? What project is he most proud of? And who is he most intimidated by? Check out his answers in the interview below.

KNSTRCT: If you could go back to any time period and build architecture, which time period would you go to?

DIETER BRELL: I would like to build in the future, when the first buildings will be constructed on the moon – and we will not have to take care of statics. In the past I would prefer Baroque. Obviously they did not know about the principle form follows function.

K: What Project are you proudest of?

DB: Marie, Liv, Jeanie, Coco. Besides all of them, I think I am most proud of the Leonardo Glass Cube Building. We did not expect anything and at last it was a big success.

K: What is your preferred rendering medium? (3D? Sketch? Water Color?)

DB: Water color sounds nice! In our studio we prefer a mix of Autodesk Softimage, pen sketch and Illustrator. I like the overlay of all these techniques.

K: When was the last time you hand drafted?

DB: I think, I am not good at this. My colleagues always laugh, when I try to sketch by hand. I am still not sure if it is ingenious or just untalented.

K: your favorite architectural material?

DB: Gypsum is absolutly underestimated. Phantastic Material. For indoor use very interesting for free forms. Just a few craftsmen can still work with it.

K: your favorite architectural material on a tight budget?

DB: Gypsum.

K: What does wasted time look like to you?

DB: Doing too many things at the same time, sometimes makes me feel like wasting time.

K: Who is your personal hero?

DB: In the field of Architecture it is maybe Oscar Niemeyer. I guess, he mixed business with pleasure and the results were quite impressing.

K: What advice would you give up-and-coming architects?

DB: Try out things, that nobody has done before.

K: Who/What are you intimidated by?

DB: Strict teachers at parent´s evening in school and the bad news from economics and politics everyday.

(Photography Provided by 3Deluxe)