Vintry Fine Wines, New York City

New York based architecture firm Rogers Marvel Architects says that their latest retail project in the Battery Park neighborhood of New York City is inspired by "the parallel rows and rolling contours of a hilly vineyard." The concept has been brought to life in the Vintry Fine Wine shop with its refined and elegant approach to displaying wine.

Rob Rogers, principal of Rogers Marvel Architects has spent the past 20 years beautifying New York City. Responsible for many projects New Yorker's enjoy experiencing on a daily basis. Most recently, the re-birth of the McCarren Pool, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1, and the new park and promenade at Governors Island.

The idea for the wine shop was to create a visually unified and uncluttered display by using "curvilinear forms that expand the perceived space and the actual linear footage for display," the architects explained.

The team chose performance plus materials such as leather, steel, corian, and terrazzo, to construct the seamless shop - giving an authentic and approachable feel to a futuristic looking design. The shop feels open and bright with its use of white as a dominant characteristic. At the center of the shop, a large organically curved faux skylight illuminates the space.

Technology became an important integration into the space. Touch pad tablets are available at the central wine table, where an electronic expert sommelier service help shoppers find the perfect wine for their occasion, even allowing people to build their personal collection that they can assess each time they come back to the shop.

It's certain that Vintry Fine Wines is a radical departure from conventional cluttered and dark wine stores, the fine tuned technology and stunning interior architecture is an exciting new approach to sharing wine.

Photography:Paul Warchol + Kevin Kunstadt