Georgia Rest Stops by J. Mayer H. Architects

People love road trips, and what better way to boost tourism than to take one the the most talented teams in the architecture world and have them design 20 new rest stops? This is exactly what Norway did, and now the head of the Roads Department of Georgia commissioned Berlin based firm J. MAYER H.

To design a system of 20 rest stops for the new highway, a thoroughfare that will run through Georgia and serve as a connection between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey. Knstrct reported on the completion of their first rest stop at the Sarpi Border Checkpoint, and now, the third stop has been realized. The rest stop operates as a gas station and supermarket, and looks as though concrete is spiraling out of control. The captivating structure, made of concrete and dark tinted glazing, sits between the two highways and provides an inviting and innovative place for people to stop and take an adequate break from driving.

 Photography: Jesko M. Johnsson-Zahn