Loosdrecht Island House, Netherlands

2by4-architect's created a simply, yet complete home on the waterfront of Loosdrecht Lake up in the Netherlands. The tiny house is meant to embrace the natural surroundings of the lakeside and blend into it's environment by being completely transparent on two sides of the home.

The glass that reaches from the floor to the pitched ceiling can open entirely on one side for summertime recreational activities such as boating, and entertaining while a fireplace hangs down from the ceiling to provide warmth in the winters. Another super clever design feature added by 2by4 is that the living room floor opens up to be a place where water can be accessed.To maintain the purity of the design, the architects were able to conceal the toilet, shower, and storage behind a thick double wall. In this instance, no object will interfere with the breathtaking views.

Photography: 2by4 Architects