Vanke Triple V Gallery, China

Singapore based architecture firm Ministry of Design has just put the final touches on an angular 750 square meter art gallery in Dong Jiang Bay. The gallery, Vanke Triple V, is the brainchild of the executives at the heavyweight Chinese developing company Vanke. Vanke has been quite familiar with the talented team at Ministry of Design because they have worked together on many projects before, such as Vanke's Shenyang Gallery, and their Quayside Tuan Jin.

Here they called on MOD again, "the sites adjacency to the beachfront was a primary point of inspiration," the architects explained. Therefore, the orientation of the structure became extremely important, "we wanted to orient our building to address this beachfront as well as to select a palette of materials that echoed the spirit of the surroundings."

The orrientation of the pitched roof thrusts towards the beach front and the team chose a warm material pallet of corten steel for the exterior and timber on the interiors.

Lighting was a massive inclusion in the program, the architects wanted the design of the building glow in all the right places.Strips of light were added to the underside of the pitched roof, the sidewalk is lit to glow, and LED strip lights were designed into the interior stairs and into the ceiling edges giving a dynamic effect to the architecture. Unique modern furniture pieces cascade through the gallery, where visitors can find a quiet spot to sit and view the art, or the ocean.

Photographs: Ministry Of Design