Arthur Casa's Beachside Villa, São Paulo

Condomínio Baleia, designed by Studio Arthur Casas, is located on the shoreline of Praia da Baleia in São Paulo, Brazil.

This wonderful home is part of a condominium of 43,056 square feet (4000 square meters), divided into four narrow lots, with average width of 161 square feet (15 meters). The best solution to take advantage of the room and the view of the sea was to create four equal houses, two decks and arranged misaligned, so as to enable the privacy of every one of them. The architecture is timeless and has an interesting volumetry, where open and closed spaces integrate forming swings and reentering angles. Thinking about the durability and practicality for summer houses, the facades were covered with brown ceramic filleted. Next to detail and wood, the result was a rustic touch to the modern design of the houses.

The owlers held their grass to a higher standard (literally!) covering their roof in a lush lawn that mirrors the greenery and natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Renowned architect Arthur Casas is behind the seaside escape, and we should mention that there’s not one, but four condominiums. Eco-friendly design elements were considered, notably green roofs, open spans that promote cross ventilation and certified wood finishes and local materials. Every room within the dwellings face the sea, enclosed in gargantuan glass frames and swathed in neutral, earthy tones, the environment mixing with the outside area and becoming a true extension of the beach.

Photography by iñigo bujedo aguirre