The Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Disclaimer: Do not attempt a trip to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art if you are battling a severe hangover.

The acutely angular building may result in vertigo and/or nausea. Don’t get us wrong, the faceted exterior of intersecting lines and dancing triangular forms made of 465 differently shaped flat panels composed of pre-cast reinforced concrete is a beautiful sight to behold. Architect Preston Scott Cohen created the triangle form on a rectangular lot, juxtaposing the angles. ‘The solution was to “square the triangle” by constructing the levels on different axes, which deviate significantly from floor to floor,’ Cohen says. ‘In essence, the building’s levels – three above grade and two below – are structurally independent plans stacked one on top of the other.’ Like, we said, best check it out before, and not after, a night of debauchery.

Photographs: Preston Scott Cohen