House in Leiria

Who doesn’t love a good rooftop party? There’s nothing like a festive, outdoor soiree under the stars with a panoramic bird’s eye view. The rooftop patio of ARX’s house in Leiria would be the perfect place for ‘said party.’

The dwelling sits on high ground while the construction volume is divided into two sections. “Half of the construction is buried, like a negative of the land, and assumed as being a part of it. Over that half-land, a second volume is placed, long and flattened, in apparent white concrete.” The lower portion of the dwelling houses functional areas while the upper portion is for social areas with bedrooms surrounding a private courtyard. In describing the balance between the two volumes ARX explains, “One face, introverted, intimate, of shadow or reflected light; another, open, glowing, transparent, from where it is possible to enjoy the distant horizon.” Ummm… Like we said, the perfect locale for a rooftop shindig!

FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura | architectural photography