Allens Rivulet House 2

Allens Rivulet House 2 designed by Room 11 put the age-old saying ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’ to the test by making the kitchen the focal point of the dwelling.

Room 11 explains, “The house revolves around this heart and eventually lifts to peer over the first level ring. Voids make the heart visible from most spaces within the house. The compact plan is made to feel larger employing these voids. Internal and external spaces are blurred at one extreme, and highly contained at others.” The glossy black façade gives way to a warm, wood paneled interior. Open and angular, the space is supremely minimal and void of any unnecessary design elements. A cool grey cement floors is the prefect backdrop for white, lacquered kitchen counter tops, while floor-to-ceiling glass walls set the frame for a beautifully green, rolling landscape.

Images Provided By Room 11