The Beautiful Villa Mayavee

Summer seems to be slipping through our fingers, but that does not mean we have to stop daydreaming about relaxing in the sunny breeze at a perfect beach villa overlooking an endless sea. Villa Mayavee in Phuket, fits that description to a tee! Tierra Design Studio is the talented team responsible for this stunning modern abode which rests on a dramatic tropical hillside.

Tierra designed the home to sit above it's pool; entry requires visitors to walk down a stone hallway which is surrounded by water and up a glass encased spiral staircase!! The water continues onward to create several infinity pools which layer down the hill and eventually to a secluded private patio overlooking the ocean.

Materials were chosen to reflect the natural Phuket surroundings. The villa is finished with honed grey stone and wooden slats which rest both vertically and horizontally creating patterns throughout the structure.

Large glass windows with over sized sliding doors are incorporated within the space to allow the villa's visitors to take full advantage of the surreal views!

Photography Credits: Chonnasit Sundaranu