Cedar Wrapped Home by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Barwon Heads is a sweet little coastal town near Victoria in Australia. The town is going through a period of significant change as the increasing population is progressively being redeveloped from dated seaside buildings into modern architecture.

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects experienced this changing town first hand when a young family contacted them to tear down an old 1950's home which they recently purchased and build a new sculptural residence which would act as their permanent home. Tim Jackson, Jon Clements and Graham Burrows established JCB in 1998, with a shared commitment to the exploration of innovative architecture driven by environmentally sustainable design principles. Their team is local to Australia and has built award winning commercial and residential projects for the past 15 years. The team explained that in early design concept phases a "sculptural building form emerged from the clients brief which jokingly requested the inclusion of a planetarium." This joke led to the exploration of circular forms and then finally manifested into the sculptural wood slat residence it was built to be. "The house was, however, primarily conceived to immerse itself over time as a natural extension of the Ti-tree dominated landscape." In effort to achieve this extension, JCB wrapped the house in a skin of vertical cedar battens, which provides privacy and solar protection.

Photography Credit: Jackson Clements Burrows