KNSTRCT [Construct] is curated to be an online gallery of design news.

We are genuinely excited about the built environment and the creatives who shape it. We are moved by thinkers, crafters and innovators who warm our soul with their thoughtful projects. This, is why we do what we do. KNSTRCT is a visual and journalistic place to share the awesome work of the folks who are grooming the design landscape.

We do not report on all design news. We report only on creative works and happenings that move us, make us smile and inspire.

KNSTRCT was founded in 2010 by New York based designer Ashley Nelson. Ashley is a curious mind, fueled by her (sometimes maniacal) obsession and commitment to celebrate and share all things beautiful and innovative. Ashley is formally educated in interior design and graphic design, and has recently shifted her career from designing nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels to building KNSTRCT, a publication she hopes to inspire the masses with. Ashley, along with a small team of design enthusiasts work together out of New York City to bring KNSTRCT readers fresh and innovative design news. If you have a new project, idea for a collaboration or if you just want to chat about design contact her directly at anytime at ashley (@) knstrct (dot) com.